We all know how expensive getting married is and understandably, not all budgets stretch to everything on your 'dream' planner.

That's where we can help.

Our business Paul Walker Photography, has developed a whole new concept in the UK and around the World for D.I.Y. wedding photography or ’Selfie Shoot’ to you and us.

This incredible concept is the first of it’s kind offered by professional wedding photographers - offering you our years' of knowledge, creativity and experience, all without the expense of hiring a traditional wedding photographer for the day.

A 'virtual' photography package if you like and one that's virtually brilliant!

Selfie Shoot DIY wedding photography

In a nutshell

We use the creative talent and 'mass' of your wedding guests to be our eyes on your ‘Big Day’. By average wedding party standards, that's around 100 ‘wedding photographers' capturing every moment of your memorable day, from every conceivable angle.

We are in an age of technology, where most people have smart phone's or digital cameras. With modern-day advances these devices are equipped with excellent in-built cameras... the only thing lacking is consistency, creativity and the time plus professional software to edit the images effectively.

This is where we come in!

We edit and add creative flare to thousands of wedding images each year. To be precise, 95,000 images last year, therefore we believe we are more than qualified to handle the rest of the process for you.

This is how it works
Selfie Shoot - DIY Wedding Photography

We supply everything you need to capture your Wedding Day... except the photographers. Here’s whats included:

  1. As many printed instruction cards with clear directions for your wedding guests, for you to send out with your invites. We will match these to the colour scheme and wedding theme you are working to
  2. Posters for you to put up around your venue or additional cards to sit on your guest tables
  3. Helpful ’Top Tips’ sheet for each table - to give your guests that ‘professional photographer’ feel
  4. A free App for either iOS or Android devices to allow your guests to upload their images to your own secure wedding area in real-time
  5. Web access, for those guests with digital cameras to upload when they arrive home
  6. Two weeks after the wedding, allowing plenty of time for all guests to upload, we then download all the photographs saved to the App
  7. We select around 400 of the best images that capture you wedding day
  8. We then professionally retouch, colour correct, crop and edit them to enable the presentation of re-touched images representative of the atmosphere, wonder and beauty of the day - a mix of informal and formal images - and ensure a consistent processing of the images, as if we had been with you on the day
  9. All the final images will be supplied in hi-resolution format, available in downloadable format and also on our website for family and friends to view and share

The benefits

  • Unlimited availability for any wedding date
  • A super cost-effective 'contemporary' solution to wedding photography
  • Completely unobtrusive
  • c100 sets of eyes, acting as your 'virtual' wedding photographers on the day
  • 400 images professionally edited
  • Available to view on our website
  • Free digital download of all your finished images


What devices can I use?
You can you any devices you choose, we find we receive a whole host of different ones ranging from phone, compact cameras and digital SLR’s. The majority of devices nowadays have very good built-in cameras and this allows us to take the basic photograph and give it the ‘wow’ factor. Even if an image has ‘noise’ we can usually clean the image up. You can view a selection of images taken on various devices HERE.
How many photographs do we receive?
We aim to supply you with around 400 images, this is the standard amount of photographs you would expect from a professional photographer and gives you a great selection of memories of your ‘big day’. Once we have initially downloaded all the photographs from the App, we go through them all individually and ‘cull’ the selection to around 400, discarding any that are substandard.
How can I take a great photograph?
We supply you with a selection of handy guides for you to place around your venue. These guides have ‘top tips’ for your guests to follow. We don’t need anything spectacular or edited with filters, all we need to the basic photograph and we add the creative treatment, cropping, noise reduction and colour correction so your final selection is consistent.
How does the App work?
We use ‘Wedpics’ App, this can be used direct from phones and mobile devices and you can also access it from computers, so guests with traditional digital cameras can upload after the wedding. We produce handy small cards that you can send out with your invites, these cards explain what you are doing and how to install the App on your phone, that way, your guests are up and running before they leave for the wedding. When a guest takes a photograph with their phone, they can send it straight to the App, like you would if you share on Facebook, it’s that easy.
How long is it before we receive our finished photographs?
We allow two weeks after the weedyng for all your guests to upload their photographs and then we download them to our system. We usually work on a four week turnaround as this is a very time consuming process and a critical stage of turning standard photographs in to stunning images.


For any further information or to book a 'Selfie Shoot' either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us or call us on 07791 360453


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Ben & Anne Crossland

Paul did a sterling job, the day was fantastic, the pics were amazing, Paul felt like one of the guests rather than our wedding photographer.

Paul Simpson

We would just like to thank you Paul, you produced some amazing photography and very well organised. Will be recommending.

Julie Brooke

Paul and his team were great, they took the stress out of our day. The photo's were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble.

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